Facebook is by far the most effective way to market your business to potential customers. If you are not currently advertising your business on Facebook, you certainly should be. If you are already marketing your business with Facebook ads, fantastic! Here are 6 extremely effective tips you should start using immediately in an effort to boost your conversion and ROI.

Define Your Ideal Customer

This is certainly one of the most effective ways to target new customers. Before you begin advertising on Facebook, take a moment to study your current clientele. Create a customer profile. Who are they? What is their age? Where do they live? What is their socioeconomic status? By understanding who your current customers are you can more effectively target new ones.

Leverage Your Current Customer Data

Now that you understand who your customers are, you can begin targeting them. In your business manager account select “Choose Your Audience”. Work your way through and define who you know or think will purchase your products or service. Select their age, location, gender, interests, behaviors, and so on. This will ensure that your ads get placed in front of people who are most likely to do business with you.

Build on Your Customer Data

By better understanding the characteristic, interests, and habits of your current customers you can create look-a-like audiences through interest targeting. What other products do they consume? What are their hobbies? What types of food do they like? Know these details can help make your targeting more effective.

Don’t Forget to Use Your Facebook Pixel

If you don’t already have a Facebook pixel installed on your website and subpages you definitely want to make that a priority. In your business manager account you can find everything you need. Your Facebook pixel tracks the traffic on your website, which provides you great engagement insight into what your customers are clicking on or reading. We can run conversion campaigns, product catalog campaigns with Facebook pixel to see which ads are performing the best.

Be Sure to Get a Product Date Feed

Product data feeds are definitely important, so be sure to get one as soon as possible. You can use data feeds to run valuable advertising campaigns like Facebook Product Catalog campaigns (PCC) and Google Shopping campaigns. Two of the most effective uses of a product data feed are upselling products based on what your customers have viewed and cross-selling products you anticipate they will be interested based on what past customers have purchased.

Test Everything

Before you spend money, make sure you have tested every aspect of your campaign. This might sound like a no-brainer, but it is one of the fastest ways people throw away money. If you have set your audience perfectly, but your ad is less than compelling, you are probably going to see minimal results. Maybe you have created one of the most compelling ads ever written, but if your audience has not been carefully considered your ad is still going to fail.

Your Facebook pixel can help you understand which ad sets are converting into your desired situation. By leveraging this information, you can focus your marketing budget on ads that will have high conversion and save yourself from wasting lots of money.

Don’t understand what any of this means? Not a problem! That is why we are here. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business Grow, Scale, and Thrive!