There is a reason Facebook made nearly $40 billion in advertising revenue last year, second only to Google when it comes to the worldwide digital advertising market. They know you better than you do by keeping track of everything you do online. They know your political affiliations, what foods you like and dislike, what you wear, what your needs and desires are…they literally know everything about the 2.2 billion users that are on their platform. How?

Here are some of the ways advertisers are targeting you through Facebook.

Monitoring Your Activity
Every time you like a page or click on an advertisement in your timeline, they log that information. When you post a new statue update their algorithm can read and understand what you have written, and it can read any text in a video you have shared or on a photograph you post.

When you sign-up for an account on Facebook, you are granting them permission to make note of every transaction you make. Sound scary? Some may think so, but anyone you interact with could understand and know this information, if they were paying close enough attention.

Luckily for you, it a good thing Facebook is paying attention. By utilizing the data they collect, we can target certain demographics in specific regions who may be interested in your services and products. This makes promoting your business so much more effective, and it can drive incredible exposure and revenue for you.

Following You Off Facebook
Everything is connected these days, which is how Facebook is able to follow your every move online, especially when your Facebook browser or app is open. Say you are on Facebook and you open another app like Google. You start to search for things like new tires using keywords such as “Tires Austin TX”. Now Facebook knows you are in the market for new tires and that you live in Austin, Texas.

Immediately Facebook’s algorithm goes to work searching for any advertiser on its site that might be selling tires in the Austin, Texas area. Once it determines an advertiser, it automatically starts showing you ads on your feed, prompting you subtly, but repeatedly to engage with the ad; It really is that effective and all-knowing.

Facebook can also hear your conversations. Remember when you granted Facebook permission to access the microphone on your mobile device? It listens to your conversations and scans for keywords that might match a product or service that one of its advertisers are offering, and then it displays targeted ads to your timeline.

Through Dynamic Ads
Dynamic ads take it even one step further. Remember yesterday when you found that new book you wanted on Amazon, but you put it in your shopping cart for a later date? Facebook and Amazon work together to begin displaying 10-20% discounts in hopes of luring you back to make your purchase. Or that one time you clicked on an advertisement in your feed but didn’t click through to their website? They remember you and through re-targeting, they begin socially nudging and enticing you to come back and make a purchase.

This is why Facebook is so incredibly effective when marketing your product or services through their platform. We can quickly and effectively position your product or service in front of anyone you desire through target ads…it really is that simple.

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