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FACT: Our exclusive, artificial intelligence technology precisely predicts, identifies, and targets hot prospects who are at the end of their buying cycle.

25-75% Reduced CPC
25-75% Reduced CAC
05-10% CVR (10X Avg)

We track the behavior data of roughly 260 million Americans to deterministically resolve, with 85-90% accuracy, the identity of hot prospects, so our partners can nurture and close them. This allows us to reduce customer acquisition cost by as much as 75%, and achieve CVR as high as 10%.

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We help agents and brokers scale revenue, by using exclusive, AI Prediction Technology and Automation Software to target and nurture hot prospects near the end of their buying cycle. This strategy maximizes efficiency and productivity, which allows our market partners to focus on closing more deals.

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1. Discovery

Our system tracks and analyzes behavioral data of anonymous, in-market prospects, so we can accurately predict who is at the end of their buying cycle; this allows us the ability to only target hot, buyer-ready prospects, giving us a significant advantage over traditional lead generation services.

2. Targeting

We then begin targeting these prospects using highly-effective, agent-branded ads that are specifically designed to convert at 10X the industry average, so we can drive them in-funnel; this keeps our clients top of mind with prospects.

3. Resolution

Once in-funnel, we can precisely identify these prospects, by name, then track and target them across multiple platforms and devices, online and off, even if they never opt-in. Our in-funnel strategy also allows us to create and target lookalike audiences that display similar buyer-ready behavior.

4. Opt-In

Upon opting in to receive more information, we create an encrypted, portable hash file that contains their contact information. In-funnel, opt-in prospects are exclusive to you, we do not share their information with other agents or brokers.

5. Delivery

Prospects are then delivered into our customizable, 7-step follow-up system, which uses email, SMS, and voicemail automation for seamless nurturing. Our system is compatible with nearly all available CRM software.

6. Conversion

Because we can accurately predict, identify, and target buyer-ready prospects who are at the end of their buying cycle, our clients have achieved conversion rates as high as 10%, which is 10X average industry benchmarks.


We use Prediction Technology & Strategy to determine when an in-market prospect is nearing a purchase.

Unlike traditional lead generation, this insight allows us to target Hot Prospects who are near the end of their buying cycle, which helps reduce nurturing time and maximizes agent productivity.

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